Australian School System

Australian School System

The Structure of the Australian School System

The Australian school system is divided into public schools and private schools. In each system are two levels of schools, primary and secondary schools. The primary school, referred to as "elementary", usually comprises the grades of prep year through the seventh grade.

Secondary school, called "high school", normally offers education from the eight through the twelfth grade. Progression from one grade to another and from one level of school to the next is predicated on successful completion of the previous grade or school.

Graduation from each grade and from each level of school takes place upon successful completion of required course work. There is no comprehensive examination required for passing from year to year or for graduation. High school graduation is regarded as the end of basic education and follows the completion of the twelfth grade. Basic education is compulsory in all states, and, depending on the state, a child is required to attend school until the age of 16. High school graduation is not mandatory.

Colleges offers the next two years after high school and is generally accepted as equivalent to two years of college.